Ancestral language of Portuguese originated in Turkey

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In this post I will talk about the origin of ancestral language of Portuguese.

Research shows that all the languages of the Indo-European family, including Latin, originated in the same region.

[Researchers compared similar words in all Indo-European languages. In the map above, they show how the word “mother” is said in these languages]

A new research published Thursday in the journal Science has shown that such different languages as Portuguese, German, English, Persian and Russian originated in the same region of Turkey. All these languages are part of the Indo-European family, and have spread around the world with the advancement of agriculture.

The Indo-European language family gathers some of the most spoken languages on the planet. Until the 16th century, they were restricted to Europe and East Asia, but spread across the Americas, Africa and Oceania. Today, it is spoken by almost three billion people in the world (see map below)’s second largest language family is a Sino-Tibetan, which includes Chinese, Tibetan and Burmese, and is spoken by 1, 3 billion people.

Until now, scientists had developed two theories to explain the origin of the Indo-European family. One proposed that she was descended from a language spoken by a semi-nomadic people who inhabited the steppes north of the Caspian Sea, Russia, 6,000 years ago. The second hypothesis predicted that the language had appeared in the region of Anatolia, in the far west Asia, where today is Turkey. According to this theory, it would spread around the world between 9500 and 8000 years ago with the expansion of agriculture.

[Indo-european languages in the world and their possible origin]

As a result, researchers confirmed that the Indo-European family arose in Turkey between 8,000 and 9,500 years ago.

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