Emails not being sent / received problem in Dynamics CRM (Server Side Sync)

Hello everyone,

If you use Server Side Synchronization for incoming and outgoing emails and your emails not being sent/received properly even though you Test & Enable your emailbox this post might help you.

There is a sql table in CRM database named Mailbox. Inside of it Dynamics CRM holds the values of the mailboxes.

For example a sql query like below helps you to see your mailbox detail:

select m.Name,m.OutgoingEmailStatus,m.IncomingEmailStatus,m.EnabledForOutgoingEmail,m.EnabledForIncomingEmail,m.StateCode,m.StatusCode, m.EmailRouterAccessApproval from Mailbox m

where m.Name='NameOfEmailBox'

If EnabledForIncomingEmail or EnabledForOutgoingEmail values equal to 0, you may consider to update these values with 1. Because your emailbox stopped synchronizing your emails and you didn’t realised that and everything seems to work properly in Dynamics CRM.

If you often have this problem you may write a sql job to do this sql update for you as many times as you want.

You can write the sql query in your SQL Job like following:

update Mailbox

set EnabledForIncomingEmail=1,


where Name='NameOfEmailBox'

Hope that helps! 🙂

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