Get / Set Lookup field value using javascript in CRM


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In this tutorial we will cover how to Get Set Lookup field value using javascript in CRM.


What is lookup field?

A Lookup field type represents the relationship attribute on the related entity.


Required Attributes of lookup fields

id : The GUID of the item. Required for set.

name : The name of the item to be displayed. Required for set.

entityType : The entity name of the item. Required for set.


How to get values of a lookup field?
function getLookupDetails() {
    var entityName, entityId, entityLabel, lookupFieldObject;

    // parentaccountid is the lookup field name that we try to reach its values
    lookupFieldObject ='parentaccountid');
    if (lookupFieldObject.getValue() != null) {
        entityId = lookupFieldObject.getValue()[0].id;
        entityName = lookupFieldObject.getValue()[0].entityType;
      	entityLabel = lookupFieldObject.getValue()[0].name;

	// Here you can use the id, name and entityType of the lookup
  	// Here also you can get the entity and the attribute values of it
  	// To do that please refer to the Note below !

 Note: You can refer to my article (Retrieve Data using OData queries with Javascript in CRM 2013) to pass the id of a lookup field and get values of an entity. 


How to set a lookup field value?

The function below sets new_teamid lookup field:

function setLookupField() {

    var lookupData = new Array();
    var lookupItem = new Object();
    //Set the GUID = myTeamId;
    //Set the name = myTeamName;
    lookupItem.entityType = "team";
    lookupData[0] = lookupItem;

    //If existing value is empty, then set new value
    var existingValue = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_teamid").getValue();

    if (existingValue === null) {
            id: myTeamId,
            name: myTeamName,
            entityType: "team"
    } else {

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂


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