How to fix Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 error?

Hi everyone,

Today I got the Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 error when I was trying to test port 80. My main purpose is to install wordpress on localhost so that I will be able to work on PHP files and wordpress stuff locally. Since I have been working on PHP for the last month I was using IIS as a local server. The first error I got was this actually. I fixed it up from Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services clicking on Stop. It has done the IIS thing but since I have SQL SERVER 2008, the port 80 is still being used by it. That is why I got the Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 error. I found that SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) was still running. By stopping it I could test my Apache successfully. It may look like a small issue but sometimes to fix these kind of things can take a lot of time. I hope this helps you too..


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