How To Install WordPress on Localhost ?


If you don’t want to pay for hosting service before you build up your own wordpress you may want to develop it locally, this way you won’t have to pay anything. In this article, I am gonna tell you how to install WordPress on your Localhost.

  • Firstly we will need a localhost program. I chose WampServer to do it(according to my researches its the easiest way). WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases. You can go download it from here. It is a open source application so you don’t have to pay nothing again 🙂
  • Secondly we will need (of course) to download WordPress from here 🙂

If you have come so far, we can start with installing wampserver. Just do the next.. next.. stuff with the default settings and finish it. You will have a wamp folder under C:/ directory and inside of it you will need to have www folder in which we will hold our wordpress locally. If you launch wampserver you will see the icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click on it and go Apache>Service>Test Port 80. If your local server is being used by another application you won’t be able to work with wampserver. First error you might get is that your local host might be used by IIS, if so you will need to stop it. If you don’t know how to stop it or still get errors on starting wampserver go to my article about fixing the errors at this level.

If you don’t have any errors or fixed them up you will see the icon in orange/green color which means your wamp server is ready to serve you 🙂 Go type localhost to your browser. You should see somthing like that:

And also when you type localhost/phpmyadmin to your browser. You should see something like that:

 If you have come so far; lets extract the wordpress you have already downloaded. Open the folder, you will see a folder named wordpress.

Copy this wordpress folder to the directory C:\wamp\www\ and paste it.

Open your browser and type localhost. You will see the wordpress folder in that page.

After this part we will need a database. Lets compose one:

  • Go type into your browser’s address bar localhost/phpmyadmin 
  • Under the Databases segment
We will also need a database username:
  • Under the Privileges segment Click on Add User
  • User name: Give a username
  • Host: Localhost
  • Password: give a strong password that you won’t forget!
  • Global privileges: Check All
  • Finally Click on Add user
It will create a file named wp-config.php that holds your configuration settings which you have just defined.
After that you are ready to type your database settings, just do it! After configuration is done, click on Run the install button then you will be welcomed by the wordpress installation page.
Type your Blog Title, email address and password, click on Install wordpress, a few seconds later installation will be completed and you will need to login to your wordpress, and That’s it! Enjoy your wordpress locally, freely!.. 😉


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