Install WordPress on Hostinger web hosting

Hello everyone,

In this article I will talk about how to Install WordPress on Hostinger web hosting which is a great hosting for free using. Using this hosting company you can build your wordpress based web site in a few minutes.

If you want to have your own web site and do not know much about hosting and domain things but you also want to have a web site to be installed in a few minutes and easy installation, this artice is just for you.

Hostinger gives you 2 Gigabyte disk space and 100 Gigabyte of monthly band-width with no ads for free. You didn’t hear wrong! It is totally free!..

If you have a domain for yourself but hesitate to pay for hosting you can use a free hosting plan of a hosting company which I think the best in this area is Hostinger.

If you heard about another hosting company that gives more than 2 GB disk space and 100 GB monthly band-width for free please let me know 🙂

For those who do not know about WordPress, it is simply an environment in which you can build your web sites without writing any code. For example, if you want you own blog or open a web site in a few minutes WordPress is just for you. You can make your web site with a beautiful looking with the help of free templates. If you have money and can pay for better themes it is up to you. But this article is written for those who wants a web site with a free hosting and easy installation.

There is a good step by step guide on the Hostinger web site below. So I am not going to explain it again 🙂

Hostinger WordPress Tutorial: A Step By Step Guide

I hope that you find this article useful.

See you 🙂



  • Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial, I also use Hostinger and my son wants lo learn to use WordPress, he really enjoys building stuff and with Hostinger and such tutorials it’s very easy

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