Meeting in Portuguese


  • In this lesson, lets learn how to meet someone in Portuguese. In our example there are two students: a boy(blue) and a girl(red).

Conhecimento (Meeting)

– Bom dia.


(Good morning.)

Olá! Bom dia.

[Ola! bong-deer]

(Hello, Good morning.)

– Chamo-me Miguel. Como te chamas?

[Sha-moo-me Migel. Co-moo te shamas?]

(My name is Miguel, What is your name?)

– Chamo-me Sandra, sou aluna nova .

[Sha-moo-me Sandra, Sou aluna nova.]

(My name is Sandra, I am the new student)

Note: for men the -a in the end of noun(here it is aluna) turns into -o

– Prazer. 


(Pleased to meet you)

– Prazer.


(Pleased to meet you)

– Muito bem.

[moo-too baymng (a nasal sound)]

(Very well).

– As aulas começam amanhã à tarde.

[ásh aulash comesam amanya a tarde.]

(Classes start tomorrow afternoon.)

– É este o livro?

 [é esh-te oo liv-roo?]

(Is this the book(that we are going to study with) ?)

– Sim, é isso. Você também precisa de um notebook.

[Siyng, é isso. Vo-cee tam-beyng precisa de un notebook]

(Yes, it is. You also need a notebook).

– Perfeito. Então,  até amanhã.

[Per-fei-too. Entonces, asta manyana.]

(Perfect. So, see you tomorrow.).

– Adeus. E obrigado. (Women say obrigada)

[Ade-ush. e obrigaa-doo]

(Goodbye. And thank you.).

  •  Lets learn basic meeting with the questions and their responses below.
  • Miguel, Sandra and Jon have the conversation:

Miguel:  Como te chamas? (What is your name?(informal))

Sandra: Chamo-me Sandra. Como você se chama? (My name is Sandra. What is your name?(formal))

Miguel: Chamo-me Miguel.  Como estás? (My name is Miguel. How are you?(informal))

Sandra: Obrigada, estou bem.  E como está? (Thanks, I am fine, and you?(formal))

Miguel: Obrigado, muito bem tambem. (Thanks, very well also)

Sandra: E Quem é você? (And, who are you?(formal))

Jon: Sou Jon. Sou estudante novo. (I am Jon. I am the new student.)

Miguel: Prazer. (Pleased to meet you.)

Sandra: Prazer. (Pleased to meet you.)

Jon: Eu tambem. (Me too.)

In this lesson you have learned how to meet someone in Portuguese. Stay cool and stay connected to learn more! 😉

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