Multiple CRM production environment plugin problem


In this article I will talk about Multiple CRM production environment plugin problem in MS Dynamics CRM.

Nowadays I was having a problem with a plugin that I developed for a custom entity in Dynamics CRM 2013. For the development and test environment the plugin worked very fine but for the production environment things did not go well for me. I was always getting the Object reference not set to instance of an object error. These are two Crm servers for production environment and my plugin is only working fine on one. To resolve this problem I tried following steps:

  • Trying to run the plugin both async and sync.
  • Trying to debug the code.

Since we have a Visual Studio installed on a production server I was lucky to have a chance to debug the plugin. But no, I barely attached to w3wp.exe process because the process list did not include this process (you can see w3wp process by browsing your Crm from IISManager). Then another error I faced. The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document. To solve this problem I did some google search and found this. With the help of this link I could debug the plugin successfully in localhost url in first production server. But I couldn’t run or debug the plugin in general crm url. In the second production server I couldn’t run the plugin in both localhost or general crm url. 

After a long time I did struggle with this problem finally I checked windows registry and compared two production servers. The second server did not have the Microsoft Dynamics Crm registry settings.

I shared this so that it can be helpful anyone has the same situation.

Hope this helps.

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