My words

I’m like a drop of rain has fallen on the glass. I leave something of myself wherever I pass, running out increasingly.


… means lots of things; Sometimes you use it when you cannot continue your sentence and sometimes you load bad words that you cannot express with words in it.


Humanbeing is a strange creature. He never wants to die but always want the time pass quickly.


Happiness is very simple actually. You may have everything but may not be happy. A child’s joy that comes from a tiny toy cannot be bought with money!


I realized that we came to this world to die not to live. Best of all is not to die as if you were to live forever but to live as if you are always going to die.


I was thinking, we did a childish thing by growing old..


Lots of things to do! Don’t know how to do! Do or don’t do, between those two..


I know that if I die, life will go on!..


If you don’t do something on time, this means you won’t be able to do other things on time. That’s why they say ‘the child is father of the man’.


The most beautiful compliment we could do to someone is to call him ‘human’. If he can be human there is no better than him!


Everything ends, but everything is not unforgettable!..


Erasmus has only one bad side.. It ends!


My tears starts to flow where ‘Cry of Love’ ends. (I said these words when I finished reading the book named ‘Aşkın Gözyaşları – Tebrizli Şems’ which means ‘Cry of Love’ in English)


Sometimes, as people realize the silliness they did, they should have the maturity of saying ‘I am very silly’ .


The one who loves himself loves all people, the one who is full of himself does not like anyone!


No soy Felix, pero Soy Feliz. [Spanish] Eu não sou Felix, mas Sou Feliz. [Portuguese] I am not Felix, but I am happy. (I said these word originally in Spanish and Portuguese after Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space)


Forever or for a lifetime?..


Neither good nor bad, neither black nor white, neither 0 nor 1, neither heaven nor hell.. I call it life!


If someone says that he doesn’t care, it means that he actually cares a lot! If it weren’t so; he would not even bother to tell that!


Don’t be happy since your life is very beautiful and what you live is unforgottable stuff! In the future, you look to the past and cry.. Who knows..


One should first be a man; just being born is hardly enough!

Those words are totally belong to Mehmet Günen. Please do not quote without mentioning its owner. Thanks for your understanding.