Virtual Shoe Fitting (with Kinect)

Hi everyone,

I remember the time I was developing Portuguese folk dances game with Kinect when I was studying at UC. Developing games with Kinect is likely the main purpose of Kinect. But can you imagine that if we can try shoes with it? Even if you cannot, a company already did it. Gortz is the name of the shoe company. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing; a Kinect for Windows powered virtual shoe store. In fact, the creators – Gortz – claim this is the world’s largest shoe store.

The system premiered at Hamburg Central Station recently and employs 3 Kinect sensors to allow you to choose a brand and style of shoe and then have them digitally slipped on to your feet. As befits such as a social activity, you can post images of the shoe fitting to Facebook and buy via your phone with a QR code displayed on screen.

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