Why Spanish?

Why Spanish?


Hi everyone,

In this article I will talk about why Spanish language is important.

Spanish is the second most spoken language of the world. It has 387 million native speakers in Spain, United States and Latin America. Actually; there are lots of reasons to learn Spanish. I don’t know where to start 🙂 The most important reason is that: Spanish is a lovely language. It sounds good for many people. Once, I heard something saying that “Spanish is the sexiest language of the world” which I am not sure if it is true 🙂 . Also Spanish is one of the languages that is the first choice by many people to learn as a foreign language. An image is located right below that show the citizens from all over the world studying Spanish[from dark red to lighter number of spanish learners are decreasing].

One of two languages that are common in Latin America is Spanish(the other is Portuguese). Latin America admiration shows itself here again 🙂 If you like Latin America in any way(cultural, pneumatically etc.) in other words if you, like me, love to listen Spanish music and want to understand what the lyrics mean, or like to dance with latin dances such as salsa cha-cha-cha, merengue, bachata etc.. you should definitely learn Spanish. You could say that “I don’t have to learn how to speak Spanish just because of liking latin dances then I have to say if you really like latin dances and if you really want to learned how to dance with these types of dances with feeling it inside you, you must learn this language. Going to the real sources of anything helps you to become more advanced in what you search for. When I was in Coimbra/Portugal, my salsa teacher told me that he went to the sources, to Latin America to learn better dancing, maybe he spent lots of money going there but he got it! Since he is Portuguese and a salsa teacher he did not struggled so much to learn Spanish. With saying this I’m coming to the point I want.. As I mentioned in my Why Portuguese? post the languages that comes from the same language family(that has latin origin) are similar to each other(These languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Romanian). Especially if we are talking about Spanish and Portuguese things become more interesting. I have an example just to show the similarity of these two languages:

Both sayings mean “He is a student” in english.

Portuguese: ele é um estudante
Spanish: él es un estudiante

Since I did my erasmus in Portugal this year and learned some Portuguese, I can easily understand most of Spanish sentences. At least I can understand what the sentence is about.

Also your English knowledge will help you to learn spanish. Much of the vocabulary of English has Latin origins, much of which came to English by way of French. Since Spanish is also a Latin language, you will find Spanish a bit similar to English. This similarity also comes from the reason that both Spanish and English share Indo-European roots.

So, I think there is no excuse to start learning Spanish if you really want to learn 🙂

If you are convinced to learn Spanish I will be here to help you. Let’s learn this amazing language together!


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